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Deed Restrictions and Protective Covenants
The deed restrictions and protective covenants is the set of rules that everyone agrees to live by when they buy in Lake Forest Highlands. If you have a question about what can and can not be done in our neighborhood, this is the place to look.

2nd Amended Covenants
The 2nd Amended Covenants is the change to the covenants that was approved by the lot owners of Lake Forest Highlands. It is essentially a new "Paragraph 7" which supercedes the original paragraph 7 listed in the Deed Restrictions and Protective Covenants that is available through the above link. These two documents together form the official "rules" for the neighborhood.

Bylaws of Lake Forest Lot Owners Association
The Association bylaws are the rules that the board follows when conducting Lot Owner Association business. It includes definitions for what it takes to be a member of the association, definitions for the board and its powers, as well as definitions for committees.

Application for Architectural Modifications
This document is used to apply for approval to make modifications to your house or landscaping. It is required that homeowners receive approval using this form before making modifications such as adding play structures, changing exterior appearance of your house (changing siding, changing paint color, etc.) or adding a deck. It is recommended that if you have a project that involves a significant cost, you should run it by the Architectural Review Committee and Board of Directors before proceeding.

Resident Grievance Form
This document is used to file a grievance with the homeowner's association board. Though we are lucky to have a neighborhood where grievances are few and far between, this form will allow us to track issues to assure follow-up and serve as a reference for future boards.

Mailbox Specifications and Resources
The Lakeforest Highlands Lot Owners Association must maintain the continuity of appearance in replacing any pieces of the mailbox and post. Follow the link above for detailed specifications and resources for getting the raw materials. We have also located a local company that is able to complete the mailbox build and installation for a fee. If you have any questions contact the architectural review committee from the Contact Us page.

Owner Resident Information Update Form
This document is used to provide information for the association records as well as the community directory. The directory is available online and in printed form. Having a listing in the directory is optional. However, contact information for association business and emergencies is essential.

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