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Trimming Trees and Shrubs
Please remember that we're all responsible for pruning our sidewalk trees, to allow people to safely walk underneath them! Pittsfield Township confirmed that lot owners are responsible and liable for any personal injury caused to pedestrians by low-hanging tree limbs while walking on the sidewalk. It's suggested that you trim any tree in front of your home to allow for at least a 6 foot clearance so that a person with an umbrella can walk without difficulty. For more information on best times and practices for pruning trees and shrubs, check out this collection of articles.

Sump Pump Maintenance Checklist
Keep your sump pump in good working order by printing off this helpful maintenance checklist. In our neighborhood a working sump pump can make the difference between a dry basement and one filled with rainwater and runoff!

Snow Plowing Brochure
This brochure from the Washentaw Road Commission provides details on how the public roadways in our subdivision are plowed, how you can help keep our streets clear and who to talk to if you have a concern or a complaint. You can also click here to go directly to the WRC website page: WRC Snow Maintenance

Pittsfield Township Snow Removal Ordinance
According to the Township we're required to remove snow from our sidewalks within 24 hours of a snow event or risk getting ticketed. If you need help clearing your driveway and sidewalk, please consider calling our own Lake Forest Highland resident Todd Paron, owner of a local snow removal company. You can reach Todd at or give him a call at 995-5575.

Invitation to NextDoor
Lake Forest Highlands community members are all invited to join us on NextDoor! The service is free and it simply provides a private online page for us to share information as a neighborhood. The folks of Lake Forest have used this service for some time, and once you're a member you can browse nearby neighborhoods as well. It comes in handy when you'd like to sell an item, find a lost pet, share recommendations on good service providers or alert each other to security issues. If you'd like to get plugged in, just click on the invitatin link above and follow the directions.

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